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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Typical Vet Visit?

Me: Hello Dr___. I want to get my puppy’s Rabies Vaccination. Here is what the breeder already gave him and what your associate has given him.(already a total of 3 separate sets of puppy vaccinations).
Vet: Ok, (barely glancing at the paper handed to him) We will give him this 5 way shot, this vaccine “x”, a Rabies Vaccine, a wormer, and some heartworm preventative… have you given thought to which topical flea medication you want to use?
Me: Umm, we are doing all this today? He just got his 3rd set of shots a couple of weeks ago…
Vet: Yes, he needs to be protected! You don’t want him to get Parvovirus or Distemper or “insert other dreaded disease names here” do you? Just look at the heartworms in that jar over there, they are transmitted by mosquitoes. This is one of the worst areas of the country for heartworms! Your puppy will be just fine, we will watch him for about 10 minutes after his injections, just to make sure he don’t have a reaction, then you can get your heartworm preventative and flea preventative and see the cashier.
Me: A reaction? Umm I just came for a puppy shot, but I don’t want him to get sick… I’ll have to see how much I can afford to get.
Vet: They are cheaper if you buy 6 month or a year’s worth. Just let me go get those shots.
me: Doctor, we went camping after his appointment last week, and he has been scratching ever since. I don’t know what is wrong with him.
Vet: He probably got bit by a mosquito or a flea…… You did use the topical flea medication and heartworm preventative didn’t you?!
Me: Yes. I didn’t see any fleas on him at all.
Vet: Well put this cream on him, anywhere he itches, at least three times a day. See the cashier and make an appointment to bring him back next week.
me: OK
me: Doctor, my puppy is not any better, he just scratches and scratches. He has dug a hole in himself in two places. I have seen no fleas, but he keeps scratching.
vet: We will do a skin scrape, it looks and sounds like Demodex Mange.
after the skin scraping:
Vet: I couldn’t find any of the bugs under the microscope, but Im sure it is Demodex Mange. Here is some medicine. It is usually used in cows and pigs, so be careful not to over dose it. Also here is a medicine to dip him in at home. See the cashier on your way out. Make an appointment for 6 weeks for a recheck.
Me: ok
My pup has continued itching so I Googled “dog scratching, dog itchy skin” and started researching. Learned about commercial dog food issues and the dangers of heartworm medications, topical flea preventative, and vaccines. Made another appointment with the Vet.
Me: Doctor, my pup is still itching and now has several raw places on is body and legs.
Vet: Well, we will do another skin scrape, if that is still negative, he may have inherited allergies. We can put him on Daily steroid medications to help with the itching. You might also want to change his food to one of the special “skin problem” formulas we sell here at the clinic…. The scrape was negative so I will write you a prescription for the allergy medication. You can also give him Benadryl if he seems really itchy.
Me: Doctor, I have been reading up on this and I have read some disturbing things, regarding diet, “preventative” medications and vaccines especially. Could one of those be the cause of his problem?
Vet: (Looks at me like I have grown two heads) I am a Licensed Veterinarian, see the DVM after my name!?! I am educated in these issues, whereas YOU are obviously not! I have said your dog has allergies and we will treat him for that. There is no way in this world the shots I have given him caused these problems!
Me: Turns and walks out…never to go back there:)-

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