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Welcome to our site about Naturally Reared Carolina Dogs! Carolina Dogs are a relatively new, rare breed recognized by the UKC & ARBA, and are quite possibly America's own indigenous wild dog. CDs make wonderful companions, athletes, hunters, and bedwarmers! Natural Rearing is the philosophy wherein we raise our dogs and puppies by following the 8 Laws of Health, employing Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and no toxic chemicals on, in or around our dogs. We have found this way of life fosters balance, health and longevity in our beloved companions and for our puppies, we welcome homes that have a very similar philosophy about dog rearing, or wish to learn. Check us out, follow us and share us in other places!!! YouTube@ "Susan NaturesWayCarolina Dogs NaturesWayPets" and FaceBook @ https://www.facebook.com/mycarolinadog on Twitter @https://twitter.com/NaturesWayCDs Thank you so much for visiting our site, feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email! susanlewelling@yahoo.com or text 865-293-2858

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

End of Summer 2016 Updates

   We have had an exciting, busy summer this year. Let me see if I can get you updated on the major happenings.
 We have added 3 goats, 4 hens and a rooster named Happy to our little farm. These livestock will be bred and raised ultimately for food, and will be cared for naturally, pasture fed, and toxin free. All animals on our farm are pets while they are here and are attended to accordingly, humanely and lovingly.
Eve, born Christmas Eve 2014, Boer/Kiko cross doe

Jimmy, born 3-8-16 Tennessee Fainting/Pygmy/Nigerian cross Billy 

Pearl, 1.5 year old Pygmy/mix breed doe
After the initial excitement, the CDs have accepted the new critters as part of the pack.
My pack meeting Eve for the first time. 
 The most exciting addition to our pack came on July 2 in the form of a young possible Carolina Dog named Daisy that we renamed Dixie.

Dixie, our first meeting.
Dixie was born to a free ranging mother in an abandoned barn in Campbell County, Tennessee. The area where she was born is in between a Wildlife Management Area, a large TVA lake and 2 State Parks. The owner of the farm found the pups, he couldn't catch the mother so he took the pups when they were about 5-6 weeks old. He estimated the puppies were born the first week in January 2016. He gave the puppies away in the parking lot of a Dollar General Store. A friend of mine took this little girl home with her and named her Daisy. The family ended up calling her "Crazy Daisy" because she was so different from any dog they had ever experienced. The family did their best to care for her but she just never fit in with their pack and family so they were going to give her away on Facebook or Craigslist. I saw my friend's Facebook post and upon talking to her and seeing pictures I suspected that she could be a Carolina Dog.
When I got her, Dixie was a very nervous 6 month old. I suspect the puppies were too young to be removed from their mother and this affected her personality. The family she first lived with also had 5 active special needs children, 3 older grumpy dogs and very busy parents and in my opinion this just wasn't the best situation for this girl. She did  not know how to walk on a leash and was very scared of every sound and person.
For the first week we had her Dixie stayed under the porch and would not even interact with my pack for several days. I had to bring the rest of the pack inside so she would come out and potty. She would let me crawl under the deck with her to pull her out but would not move on her own.

Slowly, she started to relax and learn how to be a dog. 

In August, we took Dixie, along with Cooter, to a  Barn Hunt Fun Trial. We wanted to expose her to more dogs and people, new experiences and see if she would enjoy hunting Rats. She did good with all the new sights, smells and people, but was too leery of the people watching to concentrate on hunting rats. She did sniff the rat, but then noticed the people crowded around the ring and got scared and retreated to the corner.  We may try again when she gains more confidence. 

Dixie has bonded with my other dogs and is now part of the pack.
We are walking as a pack several times a week, several miles around our neighborhood and this is helping Dixie to gain confidence.
When we first got Dixie, she had a cherry eye, and a greasy, smelly coat. She was fed kibble but was un-vaccinated and had no toxic "preventatives" on or in her. I immediately started her on a raw diet and the detoxification began. She  experienced eye boogers and shedding for about 2 months. It didn't take her long, only about 2 days, to figure out that the food was superb! She has now been here a little over 3 months and is shiny, has no odor, her teeth are sparkling clean. She has lost the kibble pudge and is all muscle and has grown quite a bit. Her cherry eye is almost indistinguishable now. When I first got her she could barely crunch up a small chicken bone but now her face and jaw muscles have built up and she handles all size appropriate bones with ease.

 Dixie loves the wading pool and will even lay down in it to cool off.

All 3 girls were in heat in August, but none were bred because we dont prefer to have puppies in the wintertime. The next heat cycle should be approximately February 2017 and pending a couple more committed families waiting for puppies, we will plan on breeding then. I am not sure what female we will be breeding with Cooter this time but I'm sure the puppies will be precious!  The puppies would then be born in approximately April or early May (59-63 days gestation) and ready to go to their new homes in July(at 8 weeks old minimum) . If you are interested in a 2017 NWCD puppy, see Puppy Information & Application and get your completed application to me ASAP! 

Learning to hunt from Cooter

the girls

 Trying to get a nice group picture.

I am currently working on getting the required pictures of Dixie in order to have her reviewed by Dr Brisbin for addition to the UKC registry and studbook. She is still young, so is rarely still and is reluctant to "pose" for pictures. I will update as we move through this process. 

 September 28 to October 2 we are taking Cooter to a Barn Hunt Trial at Finny Farm in Greenback, TN where he will be trying for his Open title and if he gets his Open title and has runs left on the schedule, the Senior title as well! Look for pictures and video soon after.

Remember to check our Youtube page for videos of my pack! NWCD YouTube page

So that is the major things that have been going on with us. Let us know what you think about our new additions!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Puppy Update

Update: 3-30-16
The last available female just got scooped up by a wonderful NR home. Stay tuned for more news about this special litter!

I am taking reservations for the next litter (likely Spring 2017) and spots are filling up quickly. Click on the Prospective Puppy Family Questionnaire page & email me your completed application ASAP if you want to to reserve a special puppy from our next litter!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our Cooter/Ellie Mae litter of Naturally Reared Carolina Dog puppies were born 3-3-16. As of this posting they are 3 weeks, 5 days old and thriving.

Their eyes are open, they are cutting teeth and exploring their world. Today I introduced an Adventure Box.  

We have introduced Raw green tripe to the puppies' diet, in addition to their regular nursing. 

We do have one female puppy available. I have not made assignments as of yet, so I'm not sure which one. If you are interested in a female Carolina Dog  puppy and can provide a great Natural Rearing home,  please email me a completed questionnaire (see Prospective Puppy Family Questionnaire page) 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Puppies Are Here!

The long awaited Cooter & Ellie Mae litter is finally here!!!! 
They arrived on the evening of March 3, 2016.  

Ellie Mae easily delivered a total of 6 healthy puppies, 5 females, and 1 male. The sable color is the male, of the females, there is 1 piebald and 4 blondes of varying shades. All the puppies in this litter are reserved. 

I do apologize for not getting this post up sooner but we have had a lot going on in the past week. Besides Ellie Mae having the puppies, our other bitch, Daisy, is in heat, so she has had to be separated from Cooter. Ellie Mae is the typical protective mother and wont let Daisy in the bedroom, so we have been shuffling dogs around the house using gates and doors and in and outside all weekend, because we are not breeding Daisy and Cooter this heat. We also had a death in my husband's family late last week, so we were visiting with family, going to the funeral and all that as well. 

Mother & babies are doing great. Ellie Mae looks fantastic and has bounced back with her full energy and great body condition, and she is proving to be a wonderful devoted mother to her puppies! She has done amazing on the raw diet and of course, the puppies will be weaned to a raw diet in a few weeks and will all be going to wonderful homes that will continue with the Natural Rearing protocols.

The puppies are fat & sassy, positively thriving! They are of course born with their eyes and ears sealed, and depend on their sense of smell and their mother's care for elimination and warmth. They basically just eat and sleep right now. Their eyes and ears will begin to open at about 2 weeks old and they will begin getting around better and start learning to play. Then the fun part begins! 


Be sure to Like our page Nature's Way Carolina Dogs on Facebook  for more pics & updates, and also find us on our YouTube channel @
 "Susan NaturesWayCarolinaDogs NaturesWay Pets" to see videos of the puppies as they grow. 

 Our next planned litter will be next Spring, 2017, and the list is already filling up! Great Natural Rearing homes, experienced or not, that wish to get on the list for next Spring's litter of Naturally Reared Carolina Dog puppies,  please see the application page, and be sure to read about Natural Rearing and how I raise my puppies. I will be updating some of the pages in the future, to make them more clear and up to date on my practices and policies, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask!   

Friday, February 5, 2016

We are expecting!

We are excited to announce that Ellie Mae & Cooter 
are expecting puppies in early March! 

Join us on the journey of pregnancy, whelping and rearing of these special Naturally Reared Carolina Dog puppies. Follow us here on the website or for even more pictures, videos and updates follow us on Facebook at Nature's Way Carolina Dogs .
Ellie Mae  2-5-16 5th week

Ellie Mae  2-5-16 5th week

Ellie Mae  2-5-16 5th week

Ellie Mae  2-5-16 5th week

Sire, Cooter(dark ginger) & Dam, Ellie Mae (light ginger/buff) 2-5-16
There are several lucky families waiting on their puppies already, but I am taking 2 more reservations right now, so get your application in as soon as you can if you want to reserve one of these very special Naturally Reared CD puppies!
the proud parents

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Banner Change to Reflect Kennel Name Change

 As you may have noticed, our banner and kennel has changed names. For seven years my kennel has been known as "East Tennessee Dingos". I have officially changed the name to "Nature's Way Carolina Dogs" in order to better reflect what we are and what I do.

 Carolina Dogs are not Dingoes and are not related to Australian Dingoes, any more than they are related to coyotes or foxes. Carolina Dogs are classified as Canis Lupus Familiaris and Australian Dingoes are classified as Canis Dingo. Years ago, the slang name for CDs was American Dingo, and it was widely accepted. This was because when the CD was first discovered and a breeding program began they were thought to be related to the Aus. Dingo. But as DNA science and research has progressed that theory has not been proven. Australian Dingoes and Carolina Dogs do look similar, but Carolina Dogs look like Pariah Type Canines all over the world, such as in Korea, China, India, and many other areas of the world. That look and general behavior is called LTPM, Long Term Pariah Morphotype. You will see that referred to in the many scientific articles I have shared in my blog.
Australian Dingo
  Using the slang name Dingo as part of my kennel name has caused some confusion. Commonly calling Carolina Dogs "American Dingos" has even began to precipitate some  breed specific prejudice, landlords not allowing pets called "American Dingos", and also so called AD's not being allowed on public transportation or in public places. Anyone who knows a CD, knows they are not aggressive dogs, and are not wild, especially wild like the true Australian Dingoes & New Guinea Singing Dogs.
Ellie Mae, Carolina Dog
  I know families that have both Carolina Dogs and Australian Dingoes/ NGSD and there are vast differences in their behaviors. We do not want BSL to happen to our special & precious loving Carolina Dogs, hence the distancing from the slang name "Dingo". Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin and the Carolina Dog Society(official breed society via UKC), along with most breed enthusiasts and scientists as well, are now discouraging the misnomer American Dingo in favor of the official name Carolina Dog.
Cooter, Carolina Dog

 The other reason I renamed my kennel Nature's Way Carolina Dogs is to better reflect what I do with my CDs, how I raise them differently. My focus is to raise exceptional, thriving, healthy, breed standard Carolina Dogs for families that understand and appreciate the concepts of Natural Rearing. I have seen the dis-ease that conventional rearing can wrought upon dogs, especially generation after generation of Conventional Rearing, and my goal is to continue a line of CDs that are not dis-eased from the destruction of health that kibble, vaccinations and chemicals can cause. I believe in Natural Rearing so much that I decided to further my education in this field with courses at American Council of Animal Naturopathy. I am pursuing my Naturopathic Carnivore Nutrition Coach, Natural Rearing Breeder and Small Animal Naturopathy certifications in my spare time between raising a family, raising exceptional Carolina Dogs and my other obligations.  To learn more about Natural Rearing please search through the pages and blog posts on this site, and visit my professional consulting and information website Nature's Way Pets .

 I will probably not be changing the ETD name to NWCD in all my old blog posts, and it will take some time to change it in all of my website's static pages but I will be using Nature's Way Carolina Dogs in all new posts and pages. I hope that you will also do your part to correct misconceptions with use of the slang name and attempt to always refer to our special breed as Carolina Dogs.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

Taking Applications for Our Next Litter

East Tennessee Dingos next planned litter will be a Ellie Mae & Cooter litter, tentatively planned for Spring/Summer 2016! This litter will be 2nd generation Naturally Reared on the sire side, 3rd Generation Naturally Reared on the dam side. Right now (March 2015), Ellie Mae (future dam) is 5 months old, I will be updating her pictures & accomplishments as she matures. 
 I am taking applications for the waiting list now. When approved, you can secure a puppy from this litter with a $100.00 deposit, or be put on my non-deposit list and a few months prior to breeding I will contact you for a deposit if there are spaces left. First deposits paid get priority when all else is equal when matching a puppy(sex, temperament, color) to a family. The price for this litter will be $1000 per puppy. Sadly, I have been losing tons of money on my prior litters and I cannot afford to continue quality breeding & raising of quality NR Carolina Dogs without raising the price a bit, remember, you are getting a top quality UKC registered Carolina Dog, 100% Naturally Reared, Lifetime mentoring for raw feeding & natural care, ID tattoo & registration of the tattoo, as well as all the goodies I send home with the puppies. I do accept payments, between now & when you pick up your puppy so it is do-able for  most folks. I can take cash, Paypal, Check(in advance of pick up of puppy) & all major credit cards. 
Please feel free to explore my website, and ask any questions you have! Also visit our facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/mycarolinadog for more pictures an updates on past litters and what my pack is into. 
Prospective Puppy Family Questionnaire   

Sire of 2016 Planned Litter
RATN, BC Tennessee Whiskey CooterBug

RATN, BC Tennessee Whiskey CooterBug 
At Cooter's first Barn Hunt he won High in Class & First Place in his Size Division!
RATN, BC Tennessee Whiskey CooterBug

Dam of 2016 planned litter

"PR" Tennessee's Ellie Mae

"PR" Tennessee's Ellie Mae

"PR" Tennessee's Ellie Mae

"PR" Tennessee's Ellie Mae

"PR" Tennessee's Ellie Mae

"PR" Tennessee's Ellie Mae