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Welcome to my site about my Naturally Reared Carolina Dogs! Carolina Dogs are a relatively new, rare breed recognized by the UKC, AKC-FSS & ARBA, and are quite possibly America's own indigenous wild dog. CDs make wonderful companions, athletes, hunters, and bedwarmers! Natural Rearing is the philosophy wherein we raise our dogs and puppies by following the 8 Laws of Health, employing Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and no toxic chemicals on, in or around our dogs. We have found this way of life fosters balance, health and longevity in our beloved companions. For our puppies, we welcome homes that have a very similar philosophy about dog rearing, or wish to learn. Check us out, follow us and share us in other places!!! YouTube@ Susan NaturesWayCarolina Dogs NaturesWayPets and FaceBook @ https://www.facebook.com/mycarolinadog on Twitter @https://twitter.com/NaturesWayCDs Thank you so much for visiting our site, feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email! susanlewelling@yahoo.com

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Winter 2018

We hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We are taking a break for the winter and will not be participating in any Barn Hunt trials until it warms up in the spring.
We currently do not have any litters planned, but we are happy to announce that our former wild-caught CD resident Dixie delivered a healthy litter a couple of weeks ago at Swamp Dogs Farm. Swamp Dogs Farm on Facebook or email Zack at swampdogsfarm@gmail.com if you're interested in a puppy from her litter.
I am still taking applications for the wait list. Please indicate that you understand you will be put on a wait list for first notification when I do plan another litter in the future. It could be up to 2 years or more before we plan another litter.
Cooter with our youngest granddaughter

Our 2 new feral barn cats.

Everyone is settled down for a long winter's nap. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hello & welcome to my website. I'm Susan and I Naturally Rear and occasionally breed Carolina Dogs for NR-minded homes. I am also a Certified Carnivore Nutrition & Natural Health Coach. We also compete in Barn Hunt with our CDs. 

If you are interested in a *Naturally Reared* Carolina Dog puppy, you can check the most recent update blog post to see if I am expecting or planning a litter, or have any puppies/dogs available. If it is not on the most recent blog post *UPDATE* then I do not currently have any available. Please also note that I ONLY home my puppies/dogs to Natural Rearing minded homes. If you are unsure about what Natural Rearing means, it means Species Appropriate Raw Diet, and Natural Wellness and Care Modalities, following the 8 Laws of Health. Please read through my website for more information if you're unfamiliar. I do not require people have previous NR experience, but I do require willingness and commitment to continue on the Natural path with their puppy.
If you are not interested in a Naturally Reared Carolina Dog then you can find conventional CD breeders on the Carolina Dog Society website and there is a rescue, "Saving Carolina Dogs" on the web and on FaceBook.
If you are interested in a Naturally Reared Carolina Dog, and I have not announced a litter or dog/puppy available, please know I DO keep a wait list and usually do not breed until I have several families waiting. I don't believe in producing dogs without having homes. My wait list folks will get the first opportunity to secure a spot for a puppy with deposit when I plan a litter, before I even announce anything.
To get on the wait list, you MUST complete an application, submit it to me via email and be approved.
I live in the mountains and get horrible cell reception, so I do not answer phone calls. Calls fade in and out and frequently drop off during conversations. If you submit an application and still wish/need to talk to me, I can(via email) set up an appointment to call you when I can go into town where I get decent cell reception.

Please feel free to explore previous posts and pages. You should see the pages across the bottom of the top banner or in a drop down menu under the top banner of the website, depending on the format you use.

Susan Lewelling CCNC