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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo Journal of Raw Feeding #4

Photo Journal of Raw Feeding #4

This meal is a little different in that it was a "gorge" meal. The previous day my pack fasted and the day after they got a late, small meal. It works out over the week, their weekly total amount was still the same.
As many of you know, I feed differing amounts of varied meats & food sources every day and I always feed at different times each day. I try to keep their feeding much like a carnivore/scavenger in the wild would experience. I have found that this is good for (1) behavioral reasons, (2)for mental stimulation and (3)physical health. 
Behaviorally- think "diva" dogs that must be fed at the exact same time every day in the same dish, etc,  or they get sick or have a meltdown. . . 
Mental Stimulation- whole prey, ground, chunks, fur on , or not... its all a mental workout for a dog, plus doing "brainwork" (series of commands, searching, etc) before feeding is an additional workout... 
Physically- occasionally fasting is good for detoxing and overall health, gorging isn't really good for people, but it is good for dogs, their stomach is like an accordion or vacuum cleaner bag, it needs to be fully filled & expanded on a regular basis, this helps avoid long term digestive system problems as your dog ages. 
(only Cooter's meal is pictured, because I had so many pictures I couldn't upload them all!)

Started with one whole chicken each. 

This was Cooter's .
The "giblets"- neck, gizzard & heart in this one. 

Cooter "sit" 

Cooter "wait" 

Cooter "go ahead, eat"

He starts with a wing.

I added this pic because you can see his ribs & waist...for now...:)

I love Whole Prey because it works body & mind while they eat. 

He has eaten the giblets that were inside, and the ends off the legs & wings & is now working his way down the body.

a good view of what he has eaten so far. This has taken him about 8-9 minutes. 

Getting relaxed as his belly gets full.

WOW! Look at that belly bulging! 

Almost done.... but Stay away pup! 

What was left. I rinsed most of the debris off. 

10&1/4 ounces left over, bagged & frozen for next meal.

Now that is a FULL satisfied dog, ready for a nap! 

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