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Welcome to my site about my Naturally Reared Carolina Dogs! Carolina Dogs are a relatively new, rare breed recognized by the UKC, AKC-FSS & ARBA, and are quite possibly America's own indigenous wild dog. CDs make wonderful companions, athletes, hunters, and bedwarmers! Natural Rearing is the philosophy wherein we raise our dogs and puppies by following the 8 Laws of Health, employing Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and no toxic chemicals on, in or around our dogs. We have found this way of life fosters balance, health and longevity in our beloved companions. For our puppies, we welcome homes that have a very similar philosophy about dog rearing, or wish to learn. Check us out, follow us and share us in other places!!! YouTube@ Susan NaturesWayCarolina Dogs NaturesWayPets and FaceBook @ https://www.facebook.com/mycarolinadog on Twitter @https://twitter.com/NaturesWayCDs Thank you so much for visiting our site, feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email! susanlewelling@yahoo.com

Monday, August 27, 2012

Is Our Pet's Health Mirroring Human Health Today?

Our pets seem to be mirroring the same increase in symptoms & diseases that humans are having today; obesity, diabetes, cancer, immune system disorders, intestinal/digestive problems, chronic skin problems/infections. The vast majority of these pets are fed commercial pet food- the human equivalent of pre-packaged fast food/junk food and are being vaccinated way more than many experts know is necessary. What does this tell us about our own health?  

 Could we learn something from this parallel about our own health? 
 Sadly, some dogs are beyond help and must be humanely euthanized(such as the example I wrote about recently- Jack's Story - vaccines can be deadly  or intensively managed to survive day to day, but the vast majority can be returned to more viable health by an immediate switch to healthy species appropriate raw foods, refraining from further unnecessary vaccinations(see this video for information ) and possibly detoxification help by an experienced Homeopath or Naturopath.  
 Of course you can help your pet to have a healthier life from the beginning by starting them out on a Natural diet as soon as you get them and refraining from use of toxins in/on/around your pets. One step further is thoughtfully choosing a pet that has been Naturally Reared and is from Naturally Reared parents. 

 Likewise we can positively affect our own health by choosing a healthier lifestyle; eat less processed foods, more whole foods, more organically grown foods, and decreasing our dependence on pharmaceutical medications & vaccinations to control illness symptoms in instances that we could heal ourselves via lifestyle & diet.

I'm pretty sure everyone has noticed that healthy living, use of organics,  natural or homeopathic remedies, whole foods and similar measures is on the rise. This is a slow process, getting the mainstream of society to increase their use of these healthy habits, just as it is a slow process getting the veterinary establishment to learn about, accept, and promote a healthier lifestyle: whole fresh raw foods, less chemicals and minimal (and safer) vaccinations, for our pets. There have been changes, there is a glimmer of light on the horizon, Integrative Veterinary Medicine is on the rise, the Rabies Challenge Fund(http://www.rabieschallengefund.org/ ) is working hard to raise awareness and prove that Duration of Immunity in core vaccines is much longer than what  has been "taught" in past years. 

We that HAVE experienced the transformation in our pets, from surviving to thrivingwe must continue to educate others, we must keep challenging the current status-quo of yearly vaccinations and the pushing of toxins & kibble as the only way. We have to continue to support our Naturopaths and Holistic & Integrative Vets, those that are willing to step out on a limb and question the mainstream for our pets health, not their bottom line,  and we must continue to support organizations like the Rabies Challenge Fund. 
Maybe along the way, pet owners will also learn more healthy ways for themselves and their human families. It has happened to me! Through my journey of learning about healthier ways for my dogs, I have become aware of healthier choices for myself and my family....What about you? 

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