Saturday, June 2, 2018

Bourbon X Koda Puppies 2018

It has been a couple of years since we had a litter of puppies at NWCDs, but we are now expecting!!!!  
Puppies are due around June 26, 2018. This is an exciting breeding of 2 absolutely beautiful UKC Carolina Dogs. We anticipate these pups will be Fan-tab-u-lous and we have high hopes for this litter.
Both the sire and dam are farm dogs, the sire is a confirmation champion and the dam is the daughter of the current highest ranking Carolina Dog in Barn Hunt (my boy, Cooter). 


"Koda" - UKC PR Valdes' Dakotah -is back to us for a limited time, for this one time breeding/whelp. 
She is from our 2016 Ellie Mae X Cooter litter. ( UKC PR Tennessee's Ellie Mae & UKC BC Tennessee Whiskey CooterBug, RATM.  She is also the Granddaughter of Daisy- UKC PR Banbury's Tennessee Daisy Jane, RATN) 
Koda spends her days supervising and guarding the family Landscaping/Nursery business on a 100+ acre farm in central Florida. She is (normally) about 35 pounds and about 18 inches tall at the shoulder. 


"Bourbon", UKC CH Swamp Fox Bourbon Whiskey from Swamp Dogs Farm and Rabbitry.  He is a Confirmation Champion and also a real life farm dog in South Carolina where they raise Chickens, Rabbits and Carolina Dogs. Bourbon is a well-rounded young CD who frequently goes off-leash hiking and has tried out his speed on the practice Lure- Coursing course, but has not competed at that sport yet, because he's been busy showing off in the Confirmation ring and is also a proven stud. I was very impressed with this handsome boy while he stayed with us for breeding. He was gentle and well-mannered on and off leash, patient with Koda and got along well with my other dogs, livestock and visitors to my home. Bourbon is 19.5 inches tall at the shoulder and about 40 pounds. His previous litters have produced beautiful black and ginger puppies. Swamp Dogs Farm on Facebook

Both dogs are raw fed, and the dam is completely Naturally Reared. Puppies will be completely Naturally Reared and NR homes will take precedence. To find out more about Natural Rearing, cruise around my website a little more, or follow the link above. 
If you are interested in a Naturally Reared Carolina Dog puppy from this litter, please read my Information Page then follow the link to the Application Page to get in touch with me with your application.

This may be my last litter for quite some time, my founder dogs are ages 10+ and 8+ and we want to enjoy our time with them and with our granddaughters(4 yrs old, and 2 months old). I will still be active in Carnivore Nutrition and Naturopathic Lifestyle Coaching , Barn Hunt and the general CD world until we have more dogs that are breeding age. So if you want a completely NR Carolina Dog, now is your last chance for awhile. 
I hope to hear from you soon! 

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