Saturday, December 7, 2013

3 Different Personalities, Same Pack

My three Carolina Dogs have very distinct personalities. I know that I could tell them apart even if I could not see.
Daisy is very gentle and she will quietly approach me and lay her head softly on my leg or arm to ask to be petted. If I ignore her she may bump me with her head, but still gently. If I start petting or scratching her, she will stand there until she has had enough & then walk away.

Cooter will stand by me and stare at me. even if I cant see him I can FEEL him staring at me. He is very intense. If I ignore him, he will push his head on my arm or leg or he will jump up by me and push into me. He will move around to different positions to get scratched in new spots... He usually falls asleep getting petted, so he ends up laying on or by me so I can pet/scratch him while he snoozes. 

Bit is a little ball of energy. If she wants attention she will jump up in my lap, no matter what I am doing,  and shove her head into my face. If I ignore her she will smack me with her paw. I am trying to teach her not to do this! She will melt into me when I start petting her and is a great cuddler. I have to push her away, because she never gets enough! If I stop petting she will again smack me or poke me with her paw.
I love them all 3 and I just wanted to share how different they all are.

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