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Welcome to my site about my Naturally Reared Carolina Dogs! Carolina Dogs are a relatively new, rare breed recognized by the UKC, AKC-FSS & ARBA, and are quite possibly America's own indigenous wild dog. CDs make wonderful companions, athletes, hunters, and bedwarmers! Natural Rearing is the philosophy wherein we raise our dogs and puppies by following the 8 Laws of Health, employing Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and no toxic chemicals on, in or around our dogs. We have found this way of life fosters balance, health and longevity in our beloved companions. For our puppies, we welcome homes that have a very similar philosophy about dog rearing, or wish to learn. Check us out, follow us and share us in other places!!! YouTube@ Susan NaturesWayCarolina Dogs NaturesWayPets and FaceBook @ https://www.facebook.com/mycarolinadog on Twitter @https://twitter.com/NaturesWayCDs Thank you so much for visiting our site, feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email! susanlewelling@yahoo.com

Natural Rearing- Veterinary Care

Veterinary Care
DVM, Holistic, Naturopath... which to choose? As part of the overall Natural Rearing protocol, a well educated, caring health care provider is a MUST for your pets. At minimum, a yearly check up is needed for your pet, that way health issues can be identified before they become a problem and can be more easily dealt with. A raw-educated health care provider will be invaluable in helping you design a diet plan that is complete and balanced. A good health care provider that uses a Natural approach to health care can help you determine your dog's risk factors for certain diseases and can advise you on what vaccinations, if any, are truly needed. A good Natural minded health care provider can help you to make the best decision about what to use for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and the like and can help guide you to the alternatives that really work. A natural thinking health care provider can advise you on alternative therapies for conditions your pet may already have, enabling you to possibly get your pet off the chemical medication roller coaster. 
There are many options now, and many alternatives to traditional western medicine. Some people have an established vet that they are comfortable with and can discuss these things intelligently and are allowed to make their own choices in these matters, but some feel bullied, pressured or deceived by their vets. 
The good news is there are other options! 
1.There are DVMs that have taken extra training in alternative modalities, some of these have practices known as Integrative Medicine, where they practice Western and Alternative therapies, based on what the client wants and needs. 
2.Others are known as Holistic Veterinarians(DVM), they can also be called Veterinary Homeopaths. These have completed their degree in Veterinary Medicine, others are certified in Chiropractic Medicine, Acupuncture or have other health care certifications and through further training have decided to practice using Homeopathic Remedies. For more information on this see http://www.theavh.org/ . Here is a link that you can use to search for Holistic Veterinarians in your area: http://www.holisticvetlist.com/
3.  Naturopaths, like Homeopaths, usually have some background in human and/or animal health care and a growing number are certified in Animal Naturopathy. Naturopaths employ the principles of nature to help our animal have a complete picture of health and thus ward off disease. They focus on the whole animal and use many different natural modalities to work with the patient's body to heal the whole of illness and achieve health and vitality. For more information on Naturopathy see http://www.animalnaturopathy.org/animalnaturopathy.html and http://www.cottnat.com.au/naturopathy-explained.asp
If you can not find a Homeopath or Naturopath practitioner in your area, many will do phone/internet consultations. Contact me for referral to several Animal Naturopaths if you can not find one online.  
 I use an excellent, caring Holistic Veterinarian, Dr Sandra Priest, DVM at Four Winds Holistic Animal Services.  "Holistic veterinary medicine emphasizes the use of natural treatments such as homeopathy, chiropractic,  acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and 
supplements. But there is more to holistic medicine than just using natural substances and 
methods in place of drugs and surgery."  http://home.earthlink.net/~fourwinds/

The number one and number two reasons I hear of for owners giving yearly vaccinations, dangerous chemical "preventatives"  and feeding expensive, non- biologically-appropriate kibble is "It is what my Vet says to do and he has it all available in his office" and " It is what I (or the vet) have always done"... even when the person is questioning the safety and quality of these things for their pets, they get no explanation or alternatives.  
Whichever type of practitioner you choose, it is critically important to the life & welfare of your pet that you have a animal health car provider that you trust; that will listen to you and not just lecture; one that is open and respectful of your beliefs, opinions & needs. If you don't feel comfortable telling your vet what YOU really want for your pet, you may become just another number, just another 15 minute appointment for them to rush in and hurriedly administer the "routine" vaccinations and rush on to the next patient after a 1-2 minute chat about how sweet your pet is or you may end up being bullied into allowing toxins to be put in and on your pet that you don't necessarily want in/on them, but feel you have to, to stay in the vet's good graces... . You are paying them, therefore you are in charge! They can not force you into administering any vaccinations, or chemicals or drugs in/on your pet, you can always say"I think I will get a second opinion first" and leave that office.  In the past few years, the overall vaccine protocol was changed, yet through my own experiences, I found that either Vets are not aware of the change, or they just aren't telling their clients! You and your pet deserve better! 

* only a DVM is recognized by law for the administration of Rabies vaccination and any other vaccinations required by your state or local law.  

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